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Internet Channel Management Program

The value that we can bring to your company is simple. We provide visibility to the masses of potential customers that begin looking for a RFID antenna using search engines.

The questions is… how to get exposure to the thousands of potential customers looking for your product every month using Search Engines. In this tech savvy age most research starts with Internet Search Engines. Every company needs to make sure they are positioned in this important channel. A good test is to type in the term “RFID Reader” into Google, Yahoo and Bing and see if your product or website appears on the first page results. If not, you are missing out on potential customers. These three search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing represent over 92% of all search engine traffic. As more people move from reading traditional newspaper and print magazines to getting information online the internet channel becomes very important and a critical part of any marketing and sales strategy.

The challenge that companies face is achieving first page “Natural” search engine results or as some people call it “organic” results. Natural search refers to those listings in the results pages that the search engines determine are the best match for your search term. Natural Search results cannot be bought.

RFIDAntenna.com captures the search engine traffic looking for a RFID Antenna.

RFIDAntenna.com appears on the first page for all three search engines.

RFIDAntenna.com Value Proposition

  • Your RFID Antenna products get listed on RFIDAntenna.com for one year
  • Free Featured Product Banner if you list:
    • 6-9 products - 2 free weeks
    • 10-15 products - 3 free weeks
  • Free Tile Ad if you list:
    • 6-9 products - 2 weeks
    • 10-15 products - 3 weeks
  • Additional Advertising Discounts
  • Publish industry articles for free (case studies & whitepapers)

Advertising with us gets you featured product tile as well as an ad tile

Product Listing Pricing

  • RFIDAntenna.com provides a tiered pricing model. As you list more products the price per product is reduced
  • RFIDAntenna.com is the Best Internet Marketing Value – Your products get exposure 24 hrs/day 365 days per year
  • RFIDAntenna.com has a significantly better ROI than eNewsletters or Banner Ads. The ROI is typically 10 times better than either of these
  • Please call BlueBean for pricing information and options about getting your products listed on RFIDAntenna.com or pricing about the Featured Product or Tile Advertisements.

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