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Libraries Invest in RFID Technology

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Illinois public library contemplates spending $1 million next year on an automated check-in and sorting system for books, CDs and other materials it lends to customers. The recent increase in circulation has made the library look in to RFID technology.

The Gail Borden Public Library District expects to know by May whether the purchase will fit in to its 2011-2012 budget. More specifically they’re looking in to the new 3M Library System. Several surrounding libraries have already invested in the technology.  The system helps cut down the time employees are spending on checking in and sorting items. This will get materials back in to circulation much faster.

According to the news article from The Courier- News, “We spend approximately 210 people hours per week checking in and broad sorting materials,” library spokeswoman Denise Raleigh said. Those are hours that are not being spent “uplifting the customer’s experience” and could be done by technology, she said.

The RFID tags will be used to monitor more than 400,000 items. Then, machines will be able to check in and sort the materials for re-shelving. “The tags are small labels containing coiled-up metal antennas similar to the paper-thin security stickers used in retail stores”.

Information about each item is on the tags so that the scanner and sorting equipment will read the information on them, and then the item will travel down a conveyor belt and be sorted by a machine in to a bin that corresponds with the area of the library the book belongs.

What is your opinion of the 3M Library Systems?

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