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RFID Tags Go Green

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New passive RFID tags, being developed by Smartrac, will almost be “biodegraded” after use, to reduce waste, while still remaining at an affordable price. The chip and antenna will not be made by these biodegraded components, but the rest of the tag will.

Every product, from diapers to diaper bags, is “going green”. This means they’re becoming more environmental friendly. For those who are concerned about the environment or “going green”, and have the need for RFID tags, this is a new product that will last up to several months and is affordable. It is also just as effective.

According to RFIDJournal.com, “Our target is to prepare ourselves for the time when RFID transponders will be embedded into more or less any consumer product,” Rietzler says. “The expectation is that there will be no major price difference, and Smartrac’s motivation for this is not to produce an expensive product,” Rietzler explains. “The motivation is that we want to take a leading role, and might be able to gain a competitive advantage by offering a green range of products.”

With this new technology still in its early stages, they are developing two lines of transponders.

The first line will use a biopolymer material, which brings the lifespan to several weeks or months. Some of the applications they anticipate are verifying the legitimacy and safety of goods, tracking logistics in warehouses and identifying checked in luggage at airlines.

The second line will be paper-based material, which brings the life span to a few days.  These would decompose much faster when they become wet. Some of the applications they anticipate this device being used for are, ticketing which includes anything from events to transportation

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